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Golf Resort Ethics & rulesCode of practice formal rules and golf ethics on the golf course Golf Resort Karlovy Vary Inc.

Code of practice formal rules and golf ethics on the golf course Golf Resort Karlovy Vary Inc.

For better golf ethics and practice of formal rules understanding the management of GOLF RESORT Inc. established in conjunction with Golf Club Karlovy Vary this material, which should serve the purpose of an easy orientation on the golf course.

  1. Reception
    • the player must check in the reception before he/she enters the golf course
    • the player has to present a golf association?s membership
    • the player has to start the game on time and follow the beginning of the game from a given tee
    • the player can not enter the game if he does not fulfill appropriate dress requirement (prohibited are jeans and metal spikes)
    In case of breach of aforesaid restrictions the receptionist will not allow the player enter the golf course.
  2. The player has to follow the golf rules issued by ÈGF, especially local rules (a practice swing on a tee, repair a damage on the putting green caused by the impact of a ball, use of power or pulled carts out of tee offs and greens, rake all holes and footprints made by the player in a bunker, repair any divot holes made by the player on a fairway, play at a good pace and keep up with the group behind)
  3. The player must follow instructions of receptionists, starters and marshals.
  4. The player and companion of the player enter the course at their own risk. The player and player´s escort are required to play on the course so as not to endanger the health of their, health of other players or persons on the course.
  5. The player has to follow the golf rules and the golf ethic in order not to destroy facilities serving as an orientation on the golf course (signboards, distance markers, tee off markers, ball washers, railing...)
  6. The player can only park his/her car on a designated park place and cannot park anywhere else.
  7. The player has to follow fundamental principles of a formal ethics in a restaurant, which belongs to Grandhotel Pupp, and also has to follow restaurant operations rules.
  8. If there are any problems about the golf game, Grandhotel Pupp services or other organization?s problems of Golf Club Karlovy Vary please contact our receptionist (or send us an email recepce@golfresort.cz). 

If there is any gross breach of the aforesaid regulations, it can be temporary prohibited to play on our golf course. In case of permanent breach of these regulations it can be indefinitely prohibited to play on the golf course Golf Resort Karlovy Vary.

Local Rules

  1. Out of bounds
    Out of bounds is defined by white stakes or new fence.
  2. Water Hazards
    Ponds on hole 7,16 a 17.
  3. Lateral water hazards
    Ponds on holes 3, 4, 5, 6 and 15.
  4. Immovable Obstructions (Rule 24)
    1. all parts of watering and draining system
    2. trigonometric and distance marks and stones
    3. benches, wastebaskets and ball cleaners
    4. tree roots and stones on closely mown areas
    5. roads crossing holes 8, 9, 10, 11, 15, behind the green 14 and along hole 17
    6. newly planed trees with stakes
    7. new roads for buggies
    8. wooden parts of bunkers
    9. boxes for grass cuttings
    10. wooden fences (in bounds)
    11. ant hills
    12. electric fences
  5. Ground under Repair
    1. tracks of maintenance vehicles on closely mown areas
    2. areas marked by blue stakes, blue or white lines
  6. Movable Obstructions
    1. stones in bunkers

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