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The Golf Club Karlovy Vary was founded in 1904 by the 'Gentlemen's Fencing Club' with the objective of expanding the range of sporting activities available for guests visiting the spas. Originally a 9-hole course was located on a 2.3 hectare piece of land that was in the area of today's Gejzirpark (Geyser Park), on the southern outskirts of the City.

Due to the increasing popularity of the sport, discussions were initiated in 1928 on the possibility of constructing a brand new 18-hole golf course. As a result, the local city council asked Mr. F. Gross from the Inter-Club Country in Vienna for assistance in selecting the most suitable location within the vicinity of Karlovy Vary. Among the different available options, an area located near the small town of Olsova Vrata was eventually selected.

The top expert at that time, the Paris architect C. Noskowski, was hired to layout the new course. The new eighteen-hole course was completed under his guidance in 1933. However, the economic depression and the war that followed resulted in a halt to the project and the golf course was never totally completed – this included the clubhouse.

After the change in the Czech political environment in 1948, golf was labeled as an undesirable sport. Despite these changes, there was a small group of golfers – composed mostly of the earlier members – that preserved the slowly deteriorating course. On April 3rd, 1949, the club finally saw its rebirth. Since 1951, it has been a tradition to hold the so-called 'New Year's Drive', which takes place every January 1st, starting at 1:00 p.m. Year 2004 was very important as New Year’s Drive started off a centenary anniversary of Golf Club Karlovy Vary and golf in The Czech Republic at all.

The Golf Club Karlovy Vary has become a very active club. The proof of this is not only in the expansion of our club membership – today more than 900 members - but also in the management of active teams like Ladies Team, Seniors Team, Amateurs Team and Juniors Team.

 GolfClub Karlovy Vary celebrated 110 anniversary GolfClub Karlovy Vary celebrated 110 anniversary

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