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Golf Club Karlovy Vary activities

Golf Club Karlovy Vary is the oldest golf club in the Czech Republic and currently has more than 900 members. In addition to its regular activities, which include serving players ranging from junior golfers all the way up to and including top professionals, the club is also the venue for important European tournaments such as the European Women’s Championship, the International European Women’s Championship, the European Mid-Amateur Championship and the European Senior Championship.

The golf club organizes several club tournaments for its members. Every month, one weekend day is booked for the Club Tour; every Tuesday there is a HCP tournament and annually, there is a two-day tournament for the male and female club champions; there is also the tournament for married couples and the traditional ‘Olsovak’ Tournament.

Members who paid annual green fee can alco play for no charge at Mariánske Lazně.

Juniors - practice

We also think about our junior golfers and support young athletes. The training program for juniors at Golf Club Karlovy Vary includes 110 young people, ages 5 through 21. During the season, two golf pros train the younger players four days a week. When practicing, the individual golfers are divided into groups based on their skill level. During wintertime, practice takes place three times a week using golf simulators located at the Imperial and Slavia Hotels. During summertime camps and golf tournaments are arranged for juniors.

Training Center of Juniors

Golf Club Karlovy Vary arranged Children Tour within the Training Center of Juniors. About 250 players participated in this tournament, 17 children from Golf Club Karlovy Vary of it. There were 8 tournaments in Western region of the Czech Republic and 5 countrywide tournaments. Children Tour pursuance is one of the assumptions of Training Center grant. 

Thisv season will be run in the same style under the sponsorship of Training Center and there will be arranged the same tournaments for children. According to the Children Tour results is set up a countrywide scale of juniors, which you can find at Czech Golf Federation Server (www.cgf.cz). We would like to thank to Carlsbad region for their support and development of this tour.
Besause of the big interest in playing golf after the commercial tournaments on weekends we offer you a shotgun start at 4.30 pm (except for tournaments when the golf course is booked for whole day). The receptionist will tell you the number of the tee-off hole.

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