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Marketing Tournaments – price listThe below rates apply to the services offered golf course

The below rates apply to the services offered golf course

Golf course rental

There are two different options to rent our golf course:
  1. single round (18 holes, after the tournament is finished, the golf course is made accessible to other players)
  2. all day (the golf course is exclusively available only for guests – a 50.000 CZK surcharge will be added to the regular rental fee).


Weekend (May-September)     350.000,- CZK
Weekend (April, October)     200.000,- CZK
VWeekdays:     200.000,- CZK

Tournament services

Course rental including - starter, course marshall, preparation and pairings, score board preparation and scoring support, tournament referee, promotional materials’ distribution and cleanup of the course.

PUPP relax center

PUPP relax center, offering a whirlpool, a hot steam room and 2 masseurs.
Price: 10.000,- CZK / day

Advertising boards

The golf course rental includes 20 advertising boards (2 x 1 meter).
There is a surcharge of 1.000 CZK for each additional board.

Advertising stands

You can set up your own promotional stands to present sponsored beverages, gourmets or other products. We will provide the necessary space in the clubhouse or on the terrace of the Golf Restaurant.
Price: 1.000,- CZK / m²

Vehicle presentation

Up to 5 cars may be displayed in front of the scoreboard by the clubhouse, at the terrace or at the tee of the 8-hole.
Price: 3.000,- CZK / car / day

Advertising flags at the holes

Flags with the partner’s logo can be placed in all 18 holes. (This must be discussed in advance because of varying attachments to the flags.)
Cena: 3.000,- Kč / den / 18 jamek

Advertising markers at the tees

Small advertising boards can be set up at the individual tees.
Price: 3.000 CZK / day

Scoreboard graphic design

We will produce a board with a name and a logo of the tournament (388 x 40 cm) using your own graphic design. The board will be placed above the scoreboard.
Price: 2.000 CZK


Used primarily to welcome guests at the entrance gate, for registration, distribution and collection of handicap cards, cocktail party assistance, etc.
Hostesses can be provided with your own advertising T-shirts, hats or other corporate apparel.
Price: 1.500 CZK / day / hostess


Used primarily for valet parking of cars (especially with larger tournaments), monitoring of the entrance to a cocktail party or in a facility of Golf Resort Karlovy Vary Inc.
Price: 1.500 CZK / person / day

Accompanying programs for non-playing guests:


We can arrange for performances by local or Prague based musicians (jazz, Ondrej Havelka, etc.).
Price: on request


Approximately 10.000 CZK / day (available in various languages).


The fee for a photographer is approximately 3.500 CZK per day + processing costs (film, developing, prints, CD downloads, etc.)

Golf clinic

Available for groups at the driving range in the morning or the afternoon with golf pro – approximately 2 hours.
Price: 7.000 CZK
(Price includes: Clubs for all participants, practice balls)

Putting contest

We can arrange a putting contest at the putting green next to our clubhouse – professional supervision.
Price: 3.000 CZK


As offered by the Grandhotel Pupp, the caterer of Golf Resort Karlovy Vary Inc. Individualized menus can be produced upon request.

Other services

City sightseeing tours, sightseeing flights, wine gourmets, bartender show, ladies’ corner (makeup, facial massage, manicure).

All listed prices exclude the applicable VAT rate.

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