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Pouched Marmot (Spermohpilus citellus)

A curiosity of our golf resort is the presence of the endangered species Pouched Marmot which is considered as a mascot of our golf course. A thin rodent, about 20 cm long, from a squirrel family with a grey-ochre colored fur, with striking big dark eyes and short tail.

Marmots don´t live alone but in colonies, the local "golf colony" is the most westerly situated place of their inhabitance in the world. These animals are active only during daylight and they live in burrows underneath the earth where they also endure unpleasant time of winter in a dormant state (so called hibernation). Pouched marmot dosn´t make any food supplies and during winter they rely only on their thick under skin fat layer. Reproduction happens just once a year, a female with young gives birth to 3-8 (exceptionally to 11) young ones. In the past over reproduction, which happens in 7-9 year intervals, he caused considerable damages on agricultural plants. Changes in agriculture after World War II., were the main cause of their reduction. Nowadays in the Czech Republic they live only in several places.

They belong to endangered species of animals and they are strictly protected.

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